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The only problem is, she's still years away from being a teenager -- and men are constantly gawking at her "sexualized" Instagram pictures.Kristina's mother, Glikeriya Shirokova, handles her social media accounts, which includes more than two million followers on Facebook.He was a pilot officer and the teenager a young cadet with the Air Training Corp when they began an online exchange which only came to the attention of her parents when police arrived at their home.The allegations made against Mc Gill, of Clydebank, were investigated by the Crown Office but prosecutors decided against taking the matter to court."Parents like you are the reason why girls grow up to have many issues...also there are so many sick people out their that look at these in sexual ways." Glikeriya claims to frequently monitor the social media accounts and has even created a list of "rules" for users to abide by.The boy, who will remain unnamed, arrived for his first day at secondary school in Sussex in southern England wearing a dress, and with long hair in ribboned pigtails.His parents have had his name changed to a girl's by deed poll, and the boy is now preparing for hormone treatment and eventual surgery.

Breaking news like this in a mass assembly without pre-briefing parents was crass and cruel — and added to this child's troubles." Because of the tauntings, the boy was absent from school on Thursday.In an interview with Sky News Online, a spokesperson for the Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) said, "It is very unfortunate [...] It needs a careful process of familiarisation, not the big bang approach.The proper way would have been to train all staff before the term started, to work with the child's peer group and to prepare the teachers to be able to talk to the other pupils and their parents individually to answer their questions.She said: “Our daughter didn’t want to tell us about what was happening at the time.“She wasn’t sure how to approach it but when you think about it that’s exactly what he wanted.“We would have preferred it if he had been prosecuted in a criminal court but at least with him being struck off it’s out in the open now and we can put it behind us.“My daughter still had to go through the stress of giving evidence at the hearing.She found it really tough but I’m so proud she was able to get through it.”A fitness to teach hearing at the Edinburgh headquarters of GTC Scotland heard the teenager describe receiving numerous inappropriate exchanges from Mc Gill in 2011.

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