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In the carnage that followed, the Tsortean Falchion was lost, perhaps forever... In return Astoria gave Elenor to Rhome (even though she wasn't hers to give, which was typical of the gods) and the resulting extra-marital confusion blew up into the Tsortean Wars. " When examining certain items (when examining the pond) "actually it's been a while since I had a bath." (when examining the sleeping luggage) a snoring chest? I'm sorry, he normally never does this" "Why can't I just have an Inventory Window like everybody else? (when examining the Unseen University gate) "now where's the doorknob then? (when examining the Unseen University from outside) ah ha! I wonder if the walls are this high to keep what's outside from getting in, and what's inside from getting out? Rincewind: may I take a book from the Library please?

But representatives of several hundred races have taken to hanging out, unsuspected by one another, in rural corners of the planet and, as a result of this, keep on abducting other would-be abductees. I am a reformed vampire, which is to say, I am a bundle of suppressed instincts held together with spit and coffee.

you want some mouthwash, that's it, you want some mouthwash, I'm sorry, but I'm already spoken for. Apprentice: Having one before you go is the whole point of prunes! Doesn't anyone around here have a sense of purpose?

Rincewind (Referring to the bag of prunes): Can I have one before I go? You give someone a tool and they spend the next 10 years of their life just playing with it. Best to let her get the beauty sleep she so obviously needs." (when examining the Imp's steel-toed boots) "Hmm.

Aeons or age of the world, probably about 2 million years. Skazz: (reading out the answer to the question "why") It says "because" and then it says: blip blip blip Out Of Cheese Error blip blip blip Unrecoverable Application Error blip blip blip Cannot Find Drive Z blip blip blip Please Reboot Universe blip blip blip Redo From Start blip blip blip.

Skazz: Ah, I don't think we have any of that in stock.

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