Dating a guy with diabetes

If you’re having a hard time performing when you’re ill, don’t blame yourself for it. This is actually the biggest reason why so many men suffer from a limp erection. Healthy lifestyle habits can impact your sex drive and your performance by a large extent.Psychological damage can do more harm than physical damage. This is especially true if you’re stressing on giving your girl a good time or trying to get your woman pregnant. When you’re not enthusiastic about your life or if you’re depressed, it would be a miracle if you can actually have a hard erection! How to get an erection and keep it up for as long as you want A limp erection can destroy a relationship or complicate it if it’s a repetitive occurrence.Obesity and diabetes cause around 800,000 cancers a year, with women being nearly twice as likely to suffer as men, new research reveals.Carrying too much weight resulted in 544,300 cancer cases worldwide in 2012, while diabetes caused 280,100 incidences; together making up nearly six per cent of global cases, according to the first study of its kind.Your woman may assume it’s because you don’t find her attractive anymore, but almost always that’s never the case.Here are a few reasons behind why you may be having a difficult time keeping an erection up. After a few years, it’s easy to find the whole game of sex monotonous even if you have a very attractive partner. Condoms can have a tight grip around your member and it can definitely affect your performance if you’re not comfortable with it.Don’t carry your own weight on your arms for too long when you’re on top of her. Your girl may be the sexiest thing alive, but unless you create new ways to enjoy each other in bed, one of you may get bored which will eventually lead to you feeling less satisfied and less horny. This is something most guys don’t know and don’t care to know. You may think it’s pointless, but by indulging in foreplay for 15 minutes before penetration, your little guy would get more time to warm himself up for the act.

'With almost 12 million people in the UK at risk of type 2 diabetes, it's vital that people are supported to reduce their risk.Among breast cancer sufferers, those who rely on herbs, homeopathy or energy crystals to beat their disease are 5.68 times more at risk of an early death, a study by Yale School of Medicine found.While 41 percent of those receiving conventional treatment for lung cancer survive for at least five years, only 20 percent of those opting for alternative medicines do so, the research adds.Sometimes, you may be really aroused and that can in turn kill your hard on!It’s weird, but overexcitement and adrenalin can actually make you feel weak and jittery. Several painkillers and other heavy medication almost always makes you numb down there.

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