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Clarkson has revealed how he turned purple and was shaking uncontrollably in Majorca and was admitted to hospital without any tests because doctors were so worried.He also admits he knew how ill he was because he couldn't face another cigarette.In addition to the countless side effects, like an increased risk of lung cancer and heart disease, smoking can also affect your appearance.

With skincare items geared towards both prevention Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process.However, they typically begin to appear once you reach your mid-twenties to early thirties. According to a study by Olay, 23and Me, and a group of Harvard researchers, there are noticeable differences in the skin during each decade of life.certain factors that can cause them to appear prematurely. Sunshine provides your body with much-needed vitamin D, which helps fight infections, strengthens bones and muscles, and aids in overall health.He told The Sun: 'I threw it [his packet of cigarettes] out.And then I was in hospital and I haven't smoked since.'I was very ill but I'm made of wood so it doesn't take long for me to mend. I've never had a day off work, and I've not taken an antibiotic in my life, ever.

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Know which lifestyle factors can speed up their appearance and be proactive about your skincare routine.

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