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At the moment, women and girls aged 7 and over in Iran have to wear the headscarf as well as a long coat called the manteau - this is the law and has been since the official ‘re-veiling’ in 1984 following the Islamic Revolution.Though the fashion, especially in the capital Tehran and other major cities, is to wear brightly coloured scarves pulled back over the head, the undercover Gasht-e Ershad, or 'morality police' patrol the streets to ensure that women are dressed appropriately.Our guide to Persian culture in London takes a look at the scene in more detail and reveals some of the interesting performances that take place.As familiar as we are in the UK with Persian comedians such as Omid Djalili and Shappi Khorsandi, there is a rich pool of comedic talent from Iran that is well worth exploring.Guided by Kharrazi’s passion for dance, the Foundation puts on sensational events around the world, including our own Logan Hall in London which hosts Memories in Exile in November.London Iranian Film ( The 6th incarnation of this festival of Iranian cinema takes place in October and November with screenings and special talks across the city.‘For such a long time women inside Iran haven’t been portrayed by the media as their true selves, for example on TV it’s just all women in hijabs.

An app was even developed earlier this year to warn people of the whereabouts of the Gasht-e Ershad - one female Iranian Twitter user described each download as a 'protest' against the government.

' I talked about my personal life [on my Facebook page], how it felt to walk around without wearing a scarf,’ Alinejad says.

‘I uploaded a picture of myself in a street full of blossoms with the wind in my hair, and wrote a caption about how my hair had once been like a hostage in the hands of the Iranian government.’ Then she found an old photo from 2008, which showed herself driving on a quiet road towards the rural north Iranian village where she grew up. ' The caption I wrote was ‘this is my stealthy freedom’ - though I knew I did not officially have freedom inside my country I knew I could bypass the authorities and create my own freedom.' The ‘My Stealthy Freedom’ name stuck, and Alinejad asked other women to upload their own photos of themselves with their hair flowing free.

After Alinejad posted her request for photos, she was inundated with photos of women inside Iran who had snapped selfies without their headscarfs on, which she uploaded on to the Facebook page alongside their stories written in Farsi and translated into English.

' I realised these women wanted a platform to express themselves and be their own story tellers,' she says.

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Kayhan London Kayhan London is a publication for Iranian expats in London and beyond 20 Bedford Way have had the honour of hosting numerous performances and shows from Iranian performers.

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