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Administrators, school board members and teachers have instilled a strong value system of life long learning through the education of our young.Numerous fraternal organizations and clubs have enlightened the civic mindedness of our citizens.In 2015, the community of Watsontown, PA, will come to the 100th anniversary of Old Home Week.

This edition calls itself the laws that were there, but they have their own, quasi-sectional, title.

My endeavor here is to build on the foundations of preceding histories that have been published duly footnoted and to bring the annals of time to the current date.

Perhaps some future generation will take this work and add to it and that this will become part of a continued story for generations to share as our community flourishes and grows to new potential and fame.

It seems there is still the sense of spirit wanting to remember the good things of years gone by and the wealth of memories that this community continues to hold dear.

It is also a time to lift up the myriad of gifts that this community has shared beyond the boundaries that have encompassed Watsontown.

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Lumber, furniture, and brick industries have enhanced the financial acumen of our area.

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