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He said "thank you very mooch," and he sounded so much like Ringo Starr I thought he was putting me on. His "thank you very mooch" was genuine, and he probably says it a hundred times every day.

I'm not in favor of gross generalizations about people, but I found friendliness and the lively conversation Liverpudlians make to be among the nicest things about the city. The only way I could be a bigger Beatles fan is if I were old enough to have been screaming in the crowds they drew in the 1960's.

We spent the morning meeting several interesting companies and the afternoon at the UK-CHINA BIG DATA COLLABORATION SEMINAR.

The big data seminar was opportunity to meet many more interesting Chinese companies.

We experienced great warmth and humour throughout the duration of the visit and are excited for future prospects working with Chinese companies and can’t wait to visit again soon.

DIT and CBBC were a great support, running a seamless event that encapsulated why the UK and China should be in collaboration.

We then spent the evening with Mr & Mrs Li who treated us to local cuisine and shows which were astounding.

Guiyang was next on the agenda which is a fascinating city and is one of the core focus areas for Chinese innovation and they are in the midst of building a large research park.

Discussions continue for a MLS expansion team in Miami.

We teamed up with Public Impact to address these very questions, in the context of five cities that have among the best conditions for district-charter collaboration: Boston, Cleveland, Denver, the District of Columbia and Houston.* As we examined these evolving relationships, we found markedly different forms of engagement reminiscent of how international relations often play out. C.’s “superpower summit” through Boston’s “protectionism under pressure,” the shifting district-charter interplay highlighted in this report may begin to point the way to a new world order in public education.

Download the full report, foreword and executive summary, individual city profiles, and recommendations to learn more: * Houston is a lesson in “Isolationism” as each sector mostly pursues its own course with minimal contact between them (so much so that we omitted it from full discussion in the report).

____________ If you have questions about the book, please email David Griffith.

This bracingly eclectic recital opens with Fazıl Say’s Four Cities, a musical celebration of four Turkish locations the composer describes as “full of personal memories”.

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