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To recap: the Hagstrom company was founded by Albin Hgstrom (1905-1952) in Alvdalen, Sweden in 1921 as an accordion importing firm. Hagstrom’s first guitars were the sparkle plastic-covered acoustic/electrics with replaceable pickup assemblies, introduced in the U. In ’62 Hagstrom struck a deal with another Swedish manufacturer, Bjarton, to make acoustic guitars sold in the U. as Fender Tarrega and Buegeleisen & Jacobson Espana guitars.

In late ’31/early ’32, Hagstrom set up his own factory and began manufacturing Hagstrom-brand accordions. Also in ’62 Hagstrom dropped the sparkle guitars in favor of the new vinyl-covered Kents (Futurama in the U.

As with the Cromwell guitars, “new” meant laminated alder bodies and birch necks.

Most were made in red and blue, but about 20 were shipped in grey.

Albin Hgstrom passed away in ’52, but the company continued on and in ’58 made its first venture into guitar and amplifier manufacturing. International operations were being run by Albin’s son, Karl-Eric Hgstrom, who returned to Sweden to run the company in the early ’60s.

K.) with lucite fronts and “swimming pool” pickup assemblies.

Finally, logs suggest the Hagstrom I B was revived between ’71 and ’73, however, it seems strange the lucite-and-vinyl instruments of the ’60s would have been hip enough to market to the ’70s crowd.

The heads had a slightly more pointed throat than the Strat-styles. Controls were the same for both guitars, with 0=standby, 1=neck pickup, 2=bridge pickup, Hi, Mid, Low, Solo, and Accompaniment.

Both had a finetune bridge and Hagstrom vibrato, and were available in mahogany sunburst or red sunburst.

Hagstrom basses We’ve already talked about the Hagstrom bass introduced in ’61.

In ’63 Hagstrom rolled out the PB-24-BG (“BG” for bass guitar), some 2,545 of which were built through ’64.

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