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It is not for nothing that Niti has been described elsewhere as “went belly up could be no greater commentary on the “Modern” Hindu, and where his priorities lie, as he is more interested in generating hits, retweets, and trps either for adversarial media, or only himself.

Niti, therefore, is meant to be a stiff dose of realism giving lessons for woolly-headed idealists, narrow-minded ritualists, hidebound traditionalists, and childish hedonists (leave aside our uncultured “global”ists). After all, Evil cares not for Dharma, and has no qualms about breaking it, let alone Achara, to pursue its selfish Aims.

Therefore, the time has come to reiterate and reassert its full meaning and wide application.

It was not meant merely for political actors and power players. In the present time, there are those who seem to believe that you can either be good or bad, righteous or practical, practice Rajdharma or Rajniti.

The outcome and application, as with a sword, is determined by the wielder of Niti.

Niti is not meant to promote immorality or reward evil, in fact, in the hands of the good, it is highly useful and beneficial for society as it encourages common sense and sensible living.

Niti is not for use only after defeat or even before, Politics.

This is not a new lesson, but comes directly from Nitisastra, only packaged for the modern moron. Dharmayuddha is often referred to in the Sastras as merely war conducted according to honourable custom.As Duryodhana said: Fighting such an evil while following every single traditional rule of Rajadharma down to the micro-level is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. As Yudhisthira showed at the game of dice and as Rajputs showed in the non-game of total war, when the enemy is cheating, you can’t expect to follow all the rules to be Satya Harishchandra.Even if you don’t pay, your subjects and womenfolk and descendants do (as does your reputation and place in history). That is why it is so tragic to see Rajputs of the medieval era, time and again, reject Niti to defeat common enemies, but then misuse it to rationalise cooperation with foreigners to survive.Politics without strategy is the simplistic thinking of raising up A to tackle B, or backstabbing “when my chance comes”.Such short-sightedness may get you power, but it won’t help you pass it on, or in most cases, even keep it.

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