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The black and white image simply shows the falconer, posing flirtatiously.Camille suggests that the female-centric and flowery, romantic subject matter makes it likely that this purse was worn by a woman rather than a man and I am inclined to agree. 135) A mid-14th century French purse on display at the Cloisters in New York.136, 311) French, mid-14th century; now in the Sens Cathedral.Scenes from La Chatelaine de Vergy, a romantic French poem of the 13th century: a woman receives a ring from her love on one side and on the other, is reunited with him after he returns from the hunt.Pockets as we know them today were not in use in the 14th century.People required some other conveyance for everyday items like money, a paternoster (prayer beads later known as rosaries), a small book of hours, or wax tablet and stylus.Women seem to have been partial to the rectangular drawstring variety, which dangled from a carrying cord. She wears what appears to be a drawstring purse and a knife, which is notable considering that very few other women in the manuscript feature these utilitarian accessories. (Meiss, Plate 20) An aumônière is a purse or pouch, by its simplest definition.Men wore these too, in addition to other styles ranging from dainty to utilitarian. (Bodleian Library) The rape of Dinah in Shechem, an illumination in the Egerton Genesis, circa 1360, London, British Library, Egerton MS 1894, fol. Aside from the disturbing rape scene, Dinah appears two other times in this illustration of a biblical story —once greeting a Shechemite woman who looks just like her, and also waiting her turn to purchase a belt or belt accessory, such as a purse or knife, from a vendor on the street. 115, 116) A margin scene from the Parement Workshop and Holy Ghost Master depicting “The Sacrament of Marriage”, circa 1380, Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, nouv. Also called alms or almoner purses/pouches in English, they may have originally earned their name from the New Testament’s exhortation to provide alms for the poor as a part of one’s Christian duty.

The tassels at the bottom were formed from the warp of the tablet-woven ribbon. (Crowfoot et al, p.114) This fragile remnant found in a late-14th century deposit in London, shows how widespread the simple, rectangular purse was. This pouch is made of half-silk velvet with a tablet woven edge.

(Crowfoot et al, plate 16) Like the one above it, it may have been called either a purse, or an alms purse in its time.

There is simply not enough data available to say with certainty that unembellished textile purses were not also called alms purses.

The scene, yet another secular example of lovers in a garden, confirms the popularity of such themes on these purses while simultaneously hinting at the distance from any piety associated with purses in the form of alms-giving.

It seems clear that by the mid-14th century the name “alms purse” had become vestigial.

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Twenty one x 18 centimeters; linen ground with silk embroidery in split stitch and couched gold. 136, 311) Two sides from a fragmented aumônière in the Musée Historique des Tissus in Lyon, France.

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