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Lacey keeps her petite and svelte figure in the best shape possible with Physique 57 workout routines.For the uninitiated, is similar to Barre workout routines, only more intensive.Lacey successfully pass the audition for the Broadway production of Les Misérables where she played a young Cosette for two years.Since then she has been in several TV series, including Party of Five (1994) where she played Claudia Salinger, Gypsy (1993) (TV), and its beginning to the big screen in Lost in Space in 1998.Yes, you read that right, the actor known primarily for playing Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls will be headlining a romantic comedy about a Christian dating site.We all know that Lacey has done a lot of great work since Mean Girls (hello, Liza Thornberry), but this still might shock those unacquainted with Lacey's faith.Lacey has been upfront about her religious upbringing in the past, yet she's never been the most vocal about her current spirituality or personal life.Remember, she married her still-unnamed husband in a completely secret ceremony back in January, after attending Kaley Cuoco's equally-secret wedding.

She is also the voice of Eliza Thornberry in the Wild Thornberrys.She doesn’t follow any specific diet and tries to include as much as possible lean protein in her eating plan along with plenty of fruits and vegetables.Lacey Chabert is starring in the first movie about Christian Mingle.It was revealed to public that Lacey Chabert net worth is about million. Lacey made her first physical TV show appearance in 1992 with ABC soap opera All My Children as Bianca Montgomery.

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