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And no wonder: Not only does Goode live nearby with his family—actress Sophie Dymoke and daughters Matilda, 5, and Teddy, 14 months—the establishment's proprietor also introduced the actor to his wife. That's the one great thing about summer holiday with kids: It's one of the only times of the year when you can just go to the fridge after breakfast, crack open a beer, and no one looks at you weird…You drink so you can get on their level. I think Benedict is the poshest—he went to Harrow [School], which is one of the reasons why I met him. The first time I met Ben, actually, was because I was doing this thing called in which I played Lynley's [Nathaniel Parker] brother.

So, aside from a pub in Hampstead where he likes to hole up with famous buds ranging from Benedict Cumberbatch to Dominic West, this is about as close to home turf as one can get. My girlfriend on the show, Olivia Poulet, was Benedict's girlfriend at the time, so that was how I got to meet him at this dingy club for our wrap party. I think Ben and I just sort of met each other over a dance [does an awkward head bob] and [in mock strain over what I believe are supposed to be loud speakers] were like, 'Want another beer?

He shares his dream during his interview – to own a country house at the shores of England, clean some debts off and get a few more good films.

Meanwhile, his wife Sophie currently works as a Sales Director at Mi H Jeans.

Rarely, if ever, do the guys we feature in this column select the establishment. If it weren't for the shockingly blue eyes peeking out from behind a pair of smart lenses, I might have easily mistaken him for a handsome regular. Sometimes they look really green, and sometimes they're blue. Actually, most of it's a real joy because I'm seeing my friends who I haven't seen in while—like Benedict, Keira [Knightley]—and we're very aware of the importance of the Alan Turing story.

Let's find out; 1978-born Matthew William Goode is a very good looking man with appealing personality.

Matthew was recognized as the front man of Hogan Shoes in 2013.

For him, William Gilchrist is the best-dressed British-man he has ever witnessed.

It looks like we have someone here who is not entirely famous on her own.

We are today discussing the personal life of Sophie Dymoke.

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Toward the end of the drink, our mouths newly aflame from the homemade hot sauce in our early bird beverages, I ask him what the deal is with British guys being noticeably standoffish in social settings, anyway. '" I hold myself back, but everything in my being is going, He'sminehe'sminehe'sminehe'smine.

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