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Until her debut with the group, Ji Hyun had been the purest member and hadn’t done any CFs or advertisements.

She went to not only his concert but his after party.

On June 15, 2016 Cube Entertainment officially announced that Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon and Sohyun's contracts had expired on June 14 and that the members decided not to renew their contracts, hence their departure from Cube Entertainment.

It's bad enough that there's no interest but some netizens also threw some shade. Can't a girl date in peace Even when I watch the broadcast, I was really trembling.

She was the leader of the popular girl group, 4Minute, formed by Cube Entertainment in 2009.

She is currently attending Sangmyung University, Dance Major specifically in ballet.

This is good for her as she’s not really talked about much often and at least this way she could get some attention..

Jihyun auditioned for JYP Entertainment but was eliminated.

A lovely place where you can share your love for Kpop with people from all over the world! How can she date a loser like that," "Who's interested in Nam Jihyun," "Doesn't she ever practice?? Nan Jihyun of the former 4Minute, in my opinion is the most beautiful.She worked alongside notable actors and actresses such as Kim Woo Bin, Oh Kwang Rok, Kim Yoo Jung, Park Sun-ho, and others.The drama was well-received and garnered five million views by the end of the series run on November 20, 2014.Through the community board of the drama's official site, fans have left comments such as, " In my opinion Jihyun would have been more popular than Hyuna. Nam Ji Hyun is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, and actress.

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Led by their debut single, the rap-inhabited, synth-heavy pop tune "Hot Issue," the group released its first EP, For Muzik, in August of 2009.

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