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The following script will do the conversion either way.

If you give it a numeric timestamp, it will display the corresponding date and time.

But I still think how to do it if you can guide me I would appreciate a world, and everything should show without pressing buttons, if I press a button would be like to store in the database only the results otenidos as date1 date2 and result I needed to calculate the week number from a given date and vice versa, where the week starts with a Monday and the first week of a year may begin the year before, if the year begins in the middle of the week (Tue-Sun).

This is the way weekly magazines calculate their issue numbers.

You can just copy the code and save it to a file on the site and include it anywhere you need to perform a function, or display a notice./* Code to show a message only for a certain time frame.

This is a simple include file that can be used to display a message on any pages that use it.

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Note that this affects _all_ datetime functions and keep it in mind when porting software from previous versions to 5.1 or later!

I built this function to suffice any datediff needs I had. negative integers are returned * * $split recognizes the following: * 'yw' = splits up years, weeks and days (default) * 'y' = splits up years and days * 'w' = splits up weeks and days * 'd' = total days * * examples: * $dif1 = date Diff() or date Diff('yw') * $dif2 = date Diff('y') * $dif3 = date Diff('w') * $dif4 = date Diff('d') * * assuming date Diff returned 853 days, the above * examples would have a print_r output of: * $dif1 == Array( [y] = I ran into an issue using a function that loops through an array of dates where the keys to the array are the Unix timestamp for midnight for each date.

The loop starts at the first timestamp, then incremented by adding 86400 seconds (ie. However, Daylight Saving Time threw off the accuracy of this loop, since certain days have a duration other than 86400 seconds.

This date Diff() function can take in just about any timestamp, including UNIX timestamps and anything that is accepted by strtotime().

It returns an array with the ability to split the result a couple different ways.

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Sample using above $sql: 20010111002747 = Date Stored on my SQL table (TIMESTAMP(14)) 979172867 = value returned as your_date in sql stmt (UNIX_TIMESTAMP) if we use $newdate = date("F j S, Y -- g:ia", $row["your_date"]); --(after fetching our array from the sql results of course)-- echo "$newdate"; --Will produce: January 11th, 2001 -- am Hope this helps someone out there!

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