Polyamory married and dating rapidshare

This provocative reality series explores non-monogamous, committed relationships that involve more than two people.

Characters grapple with the emotional and sexual drama of sharing their hearts, as well as their beds.

These three are a primary relationship and refer to themselves as "the Triad". The pod of Kamala, Michael, Jen and Tahl is back with another new family.

SNCTM is not only an exclusive club, it's an experience where you can live out your wildest fantasies and feel free to explore your true ...

See full summary » I just started watching this show-- I finished the 1st 5 episodes tonight.

Jen's monogamous sister drops by to check out Jen's new digs while Kamala has her hot date with Roxanne and hesitantly inquires about the true level of attraction between Roxanne and Michael.

Anthony encourages his wife Lindsey to find a local boyfriend so Lindsey thinks about reconnecting with an ex-lover Jacob, but is he polyamorous? Vanessa plans to propose to Lindsey and Anthony and ask for a life commitment and see what her true place is in the triad.

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The Pod is having a great time on the beach as a family unit which makes Tahl realize how happy he is, and decides he wants to come out to his very conservative parents.

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