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They gravitated toward oral debates, republicanism, and armed insurrection.What print media existed within Greece was considered either biased or anti-royalist.After 1874 Greek prime ministers were usually selected from the strongest party represented in Parliament.

The political pressure applied to the monarchy by the print media led to political reform.

European public opinion, influenced by British poet Lord Byron and the romanticism of the principles of democracy in Ancient Greece, sided with the Greeks, and Great Britain was forced to accept the role of protector of the Greek people.

Frequent disagreements among Greek political factions and the failure to create a unified state led Europe's three major powers, Great Britain, France, and Russia, to impose a monarchy upon the Greeks, with a foreign prince as king and neutral arbitrator to bring about national consensus.

Prince William adopted the reigning name of George I, and a new constitution was written with power invested in the Greek people, a single-legislative chamber, and a monarch with specific but substantial powers.

Political personalities and political clubs came to characterize Greece in the late nineteenth century.

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