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The houses of the Levites, however, could be redeemed at any time, and reverted to them if unredeemed before the year of Jubilee ( Leviticus -34 ).Houses which had been simply vowed to God could be ransomed upon the payment of the value fixed by the priest, plus one-fifth of that value ( Leviticus , 15 ).The first-born of an ass, however, had to be redeemed with a lamb, or, if not redeemed, put to death ( Exodus ).Outside of the first-born, any animal could be dedicated to God by vow.The poor who could not afford this amount had to pay the price fixed by the priest, according to their means ( Leviticus 27:2-8 ).Persons lying under anathema could not be redeemed.In the Hebrew Text, the idea of redemption is directly expressed by the verbs ga’ál and padah, and by their derivatives to which the word kophér (ransom) is intimately related.Of these two verbs, the former, ga’ál , is used technically in the Mosaic Law, of the redemption by price of an inheritance, or of things vowed, or of tithes ; the latter, padah, of redeeming the first-born of children or of animals.

Redemption means either strictly deliverance by payment of a price or ransom, or simply deliverance by power, as from oppression, violence, captivity, etc.

Jephte's actual immolation of his daughter in consequence of his vow concerning her ( Judges -39 ), was contrary to the Law.

Many Israelites carried out their dedication to God, under the form of the Nazarite vow.

For the former houses, the right of redemption lasted only a full year from the day of sale, at the end of which they fell forever to their respective purchaser.

For the latter, there was no term fixed for their redemption, and if unredeemed before the Jubilee they then freely reverted to their original owners.

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The idea is distinctly expressed by the verb lutroûmai (from l&útron, "a ransom") and its derivatives; it is also directly conveyed by the term ’agorázo (to buy, to purchase) and by its compound ’exagorázo .

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