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If the company has been dissolved you will need to restore the company.The fees are: You must call a meeting of shareholders and ask them to vote for the court to wind up the company.If you are a creditor of the company, as well as a director or shareholder, you can apply to put the company into compulsory liquidation because the company can’t pay its debts.As you will be doing this as a creditor you don’t need the other directors to join the petition.

Creditors can also apply to wind-up an insolvent company up through compulsory liquidation.

You also need to provide a statement of truth that includes the details outlined in Rule 7.6. If the Companies House register shows your company has a ‘paid up share capital’ of more than £120,000, send the petition to the High Court.

If your company’s ‘paid up share capital’ is less than £120,000, use the court finder to find a court dealing with insolvency.

In a voluntary liquidation the shareholders will appoint and pay for an authorised insolvency practitioner to act as liquidator.

The company’s creditors can propose an alternative liquidator and this will usually override the decision made by the shareholders.

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Liquidation is overseen by a liquidator (either the Find out how to apply for members’ voluntary liquidation.

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