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In the meantime, the French had been conducting roughly similar studies, with Sud-Aviation of France coming up with a design surprisingly similar to the Bristol 223, named the "Super Caravelle", after the innovative Caravelle twinjet airliner developed by Sud-Aviation in the 1950s.Given the similarity in the designs and the high cost of developing an SST, British and French government and industry officials began talks in September 1961 to see if the two nations could join hands for the effort.Notre mission est la création de valeur par la transformation d’innovations technologiques de rupture en succès commerciaux et financiers.Pour ce faire, nous avons tissé des liens étroits avec de grands acteurs industriels dont la plupart sont investisseurs de nos fonds.Going to an SST was simply the next logical step, and there was an economic rationale to it: move passengers faster, that meant more utilization of an airliner.

Ces tendances s’avèrent d’ailleurs souvent complémentaires.

At first, the 2707 was envisioned as fitted with variable geometry "swing wings" to permit efficient high-speed flight -- with the wings swept back -- and good low-speed handling -- with the wings extended.

Powerplants were to be four General Electric GE-J5P afterburning turbojet engines, derived from the GE J93 engines used on the XB-70, with a maximum afterburning thrust of 267 k N (27,200 kgp / 60,000 lbf) each.

Demeter Partners et Emertec Gestion se rapprochent pour constituer le leader européen du capital-investissement pour la transition énergétique et l’environnement.

Demeter Partners and Emertec Gestion merge to become the major European private equity player in the environmental and energy transition sectors.

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However, America in the late 1960s was all but overwhelmed by social upheaval that involved questioning the need to come up with something bigger and better, as well as much increased concerns over the environment.

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