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This workshop manufactures belts, bags, jewellery (pendants, brooches, bracelets), as well as covers.

It offers book binding services and prepares souvenirs. You can try your own hand at the crafts, taste teas, and cook soups on an open fire.

The blacksmith will happily attend your event with his open-air forge.

This is perfect for students, smaller children, wedding guests or individual visitors.

The windmill processes wool with equipment that is 100 years old and is used to produce handmade blankets and pillows that are stuffed with sheep wool, as well as souvenirs that can be commissioned and purchased. A wool pulling and wrapping machine that dates back to the 19th century and was manufactured at the Šūberts Rudītis & Co company in the 19th century is still used, as are a unique weaving apparatus from Germany and a grain mill.

Latvian cuisine: Marinated herring with vegetables, porridge, mashed potatoes a la Vidzeme (with fried onions), pancakes with jam made of Latvian berries and honey, homemade bread.

Here you can examine and purchase crafts by more than 40 Lettigalian craftspeople.

Kaltenē izveidota Andra Kārkliņa, kurš pazīstams kā pirmais latviešu izcelsmes starptautiski atzītais flamenko ģitārists, komponists, dzejnieks, rakstnieks, fotogrāfs Andres El Leton piemiņas māja.Visiting a blacksmith has always been something special.Does this job still exist, and is it still importance?Some may wonder who is a blacksmith is in the first place.The DUDU Nests open-air smithy will answer all of your questions.

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